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Why Circumcised Penis and Burqa are on Main Agenda in European Politics?

It is circumcised penis and burqa that is troubling governments across Europe and helping far-right parties to win elections. European governments have declared both circumcised penis and burqa as far-right activists. The governments are determined to do something about it and they are taking the problem very seriously. For example, ban burqas from beaches in France.

Circumcised penis is really naïve in this whole scenario. As always, the penis is generously helping everyone actively and equally. Far-right parties should use circumcised penis on their flags as it is the reason for their existence but they think circumcised penis is responsible for all problems in EU lands. For example, Parties, like AfD in Germany, has poor circumcised penis on their main agenda. AfD boss, Frauke Petry, wants no such penises hanging around for unknown, or personal reasons. The mainstream parties think it is ok to have various types of penises to help EU economy going and to make Europe more diverse. Left-wing parties are very gentle and have no preferences when it comes to penis but I would suggest them to make use of circumcised penis for better Europe.



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